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    Riddle : Who tells people where to get off and gets away with it? (answer at the end of the email)

    “I received this from a past co-worker from my days at DeVos Hall. I’ll try to find out who the student was but thought you would appreciate knowing that we are able to empower our deaf students as well as many of our other students to have a positive impact in the Community and to stand up with courage and feel safe in telling their story.” – Michael Frank

    Hi Mike,

    Not sure if that was one of your students ( unfortunately I don’t have her name in front of me ) but she is in her 20′s and went to Northview and was HH from childhood and wore hearing aids.

    The event , Hearing Awareness workshop was partnered with DHHS @ Kent Co Health Dept and intended to increase awareness of deafness, HH etc. I went on behalf of DHHS as I am a volunteer there now.

    This girl got up and told her story and the problems she had growing up as a HH person…and I have to tell you it made the hair stand up on my arms and opened a lot of eyes in the audience. which consisted of various public services providers.

    Anyway, just thought you would like to know.

    Take Care

    Ron Coleman

    Fun Fact: US News and World Report ranked Northview High School in the top 6% in Michigan and in the top 10% in the nation.

    Riddle Answer: A bus driver.


    Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent Northview Public Schools


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