You Should Have Listened Better, You Can’t Wear Them in the Snow

    That’s right Travis. I thought you said I couldn’t wear my red tennis shoes until the snow was gone and it was officially spring. I should have listened better. I’ll have them on next week rain, shine, snow, sleet, or dark of morning will prevent me my wearing the red tennis shoes.

    The drop-off line today reminded me of a time many years ago when I visited Dodd’s Record Shop. There were large 33 1/3 albums, cassette tapes, and newly introduced CD’s. We really didn’t know what music to pick in what form. As kids hopped out of cars some had on full winter gear while others had shed snow pants but still had on boots and winter coats. A couple of kids were seen stuffing their winter hats and mittens into their backpacks. I even saw a mom wearing a spring coat and shorts. Spring must be close. Choose your music, I mean clothing.

    One young girl informed me that she would like to be wearing her pink boots rather than “these big old brown ones” but her feet grew and the pink boots don’t fit any more. She also informed me that we only had a few more days of ice that is “good for slipping on.” I did risk falling and took a good slide on the slick part of the sidewalk on my way into the school.

    One of our 4th grade classrooms is currently working on reading and writing historical fiction. Not bad for nine-year-old students. I am amazed they can even concentrate with spring parent-teacher conferences going on, the book fair calling their names, and of course the advent of spring.

    Meanwhile Back at East Oakview……

    My time at East was spent reading to various grade levels. Things were going really well until I tried out a 3rd grade level joke with 48 kindergarten students. We were reading “Giraffes Can’t Dance” when one little girl asked me what it meant by “his knees buckled.” I rose from my seat and demonstrated what a Giraffe looks like when his knees buckle. They praised me for my imitation.

    That’s when I should have stopped but I went on to tell the kids I also could do an imitation of a duck. I said watch closely, and as 96 eyes stared, I “ducked” as though someone had thrown a shoe at me. When I asked if they liked my imitation, the immediate response was from a girl in the front row who put her hands under her armpits, creating a pair of wings. She flapped her wings and started quacking and said “this is a duck.”

    That would have been fine but then 47 other little ducks began flapping and quacking. When I looked at the teacher she just smiled and said “I can’t help you out on this one, you are on your own.”

    Great day at both schools. More evidence that our public schools work…….even when the Superintendent doesn’t know his audience.

    Sincerely and With Great Respect,

    Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent
    Northview Public Schools


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