Thursdays With North and East Oakview

    Beautiful morning. The sunrise cloud pattern and red colors reminded of a salmon filet. Maybe that is why my walk to the kitchen area was at a quicker pace today. I didn’t find any bagels with cream cheese and salmon (with thin sliced red onions and capers) but I am not sure that 1st and 2nd grade kids would be excited about that breakfast choice. In fact when I asked if they had seen any salmon and bagels they rolled their eyes and laughed.

    I thought better about launching into the acquired tastes they would develop over the next 20 years. After all in another 20 minutes they would be doing their daily math fact drill back in their classrooms. Twenty minutes to a seven year old is a long time.

    North was down a substitute teacher for 3rd grade this morning so my first assignment, after pursuing salmon bagels, was to speak with the the other two 3rd grade teachers and the three unified arts (music, art, PE) to see if we could find a solution to cover the classroom for the morning. My question of “would you be willing to help cover the room?” was the only thing I needed to say. By the time I had retrieved my coat and headed out the door to “drop-off” line duty, they had met and finalized all the plans necessary to take care of the students.

    When I offered my thanks, they all simply and elegantly replied “It’s What We Do!” Kids were divided up and each of the two classroom teachers took them in as if they had been their students since the first day of school. The Unified Arts teachers dropped into rooms to provide additional support for the “extra” number of children.

    It is what they do at North and in all of our schools in Northview. They are professionals.

    No big words of wisdom from Travis this morning. He did tell me that now that wrestling is over he doesn’t want the Mohawk haircut any more. I am thankful he didn’t suggest I needed one. I might have to disagree with the coach on that call. Well maybe I would think about it if we could die the hair red to match my tennis shoes.

    I did learn today that one first grade boy had a dad with a birthday and it is “the same day as Grandpa Sheldon’s birthday.” When I asked how old his dad was he replied he didn’t know but he was sure he was younger than me. I didn’t dare ask about his grandpa’s age.

    Sincerely and With Great Respect,

    Mike Paskewicz, Superintendent


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