Businesses, Schools Work Together to Welcome New Families

Comstock Park Public Schools and the community’s business district are working together to welcome new families to the area, and let them know about the nearby resources available.

The Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority and school district will pass out folders in October containing information about the schools, area businesses, the Comstock Park Branch of the Kent District Library, Plainfield and Alpine townships and the White Pine Trail.

Comstock Park is a unincorporated community located in Alpine and Plainfield townships, which centers around the school district. Many new families move in each year because the district has a transiency rate of 25 to 30 percent due to the large number of renters in the community.

The goal is to connect new families with opportunities and services, especially along West River Drive, where businesses don’t receive as much traffic as on Alpine Avenue.

♥”It exposes people to another section of the community beyond the Alpine Avenue corridor,” said Superintendent Ethan Ebenstein.

Ed Hood, DDA chairman, said Comstock Park has its own identity which the community works to maintain. “We do that through the school system,” he said. “There is no better way to build community than through the schools.”

The businesses and school district work to support each other, with the DDA using the school buildings for meetings. The district promotes local businesses through its newsletter.

“They bend over backward to help us and I hope we do that in return,” Hood said.


Comstock Park DDA

Erin Albanese
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