Criminal Justice Program Provides Window to Law Careers

U.S. Attorney Patrick Miles was instrumental in launching a new criminal justice program at the Gerald R. Ford Academic Center that will provide students a window into law careers and remove the mystery of how criminal cases are handled.

“We are very excited that the U.S. Attorney’s Office chose Gerald R. Ford Academic Center for this program,” Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal said. “We value opportunities to introduce students to career options, and a law program at Ford is especially fitting given the school’s namesake.”

The monthly criminal justice program will introduce seventh-grade students to American criminal law and procedure, and will cover related topics including investigations and arrests through trial and appeals. Law enforcement officers, prosecutors, criminal defense attorneys, judges, and parole or probation officers will be invited to speak.

Removing the mystery

“We designed this program to help our young students understand the American criminal justice system and process,” said Miles, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Michigan.

“We did so for three reasons. First, to provide an important piece of civics education. Second, to remove the mystery about how criminal cases are really handled and replace media and Hollywood images with reality. Third, this program also gives students an opportunity to learn about various career opportunities in the criminal justice system as well as the education and other requirements to land those jobs.”


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