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Staff Joins Students in Bocce Tournament, Prep for Special Olympics

Edible medals and a rolling good time was had by Forest Hills students when the Kent ISD maintenance staff showed up for a bocce ball tournament.

At the end of the day, everyone was a winner munching on cookie medals supplied by Sarah Waller and her culinary class at the Tech Center.

Everyone received edible cookie medals baked by Tech Center students
Everyone received edible cookie medals baked by Tech Center students

Bocce is the unified sport that the students of Meadow Brook are doing as part of Project Unify, a part of Special Olympics. This new program to Meadow Brook was started by Ginny Grit, School Social Worker and Barbara Sluiter, Special Education teacher for children with cognitive impairment.

Last year, Tech Center maintenance technician Joe Nicolette built a ramp for a Special Education student at Forest Hills so they could play Bocce. The game has been a hit ever since.

“What we are accomplishing at Meadow Brook through Project Unify and LINKS fosters respectand dignity for all, and is helping students build lifelong friendships,” Sluiter said.

“It also is about teaching and learning how to embrace, respect, honor and accept people of all ability levels to find the joy that every person brings to this school and to celebrate diversity. By recognizing this, embracing this, and helping one another, we can all be superheroes—and we don’t have to wear capes to prove it.”


FHPS Newsletter about Project Unify

Special Olympics: Project Unify

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