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Public education is the cornerstone of this nation’s democracy, and our schools are the hubs of communities in every city, suburb and rural town. Education ranks consistently at or near the top of Kent County research on local priorities. The appetite for education news and information grows each year, among families and the general public.

While it was once possible to keep the community informed through an annual school open house and a newsletter (plus the news they’d hear at school sporting events, concerts, meetings), that just isn’t enough anymore.

Providing more school news, information and intelligent issues analysis is critically important to the future of public education. Our legislators, policy crafters, business leaders, parents and community members/taxpayers deserve the context, viewpoint, data and evidence only the schools themselves can provide. Only then can these systems align to provide the kind of public education structure – and resulting students – that the broader community says it wants and needs.

Providing this news is the purpose of our School News Network. This site offers a window into our schools – a behind-the-scenes look at the myriad ways the investment in public education is helping the community’s children grow, learn and achieve.

Allison Kaufman and Ron Koehler, Managing Editors


We hope you will visit the site often, read about the topics and schools that matter to you, comment on the articles and participate in the interactive and other special features we’re developing. To participate in and add your voice to this first-of-its-kind school site, you can:

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Kent ISD is leading this initiative for the 20 public school districts within our boundaries and as a contribution to public education in general. Each district is assigned one of the professional journalists who make up our staff. These reporters seek out stories in each district and report on what they find. Working together with the editors, the staff determines new issues that need to be covered and new series that need to be started. We welcome our readers’ ideas and feedback.

We are funded by our sponsors, districts and Kent ISD.

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Is there a great story you know about in one of our districts? Please let us know! Email us at snn@kentisd.org to tell us your ideas or send an email directly to a reporter (email listed under every story). Be sure to tell us which school and district we should contact about your idea.