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‘I have to push myself’

Rodrigo Lopez-Ruiz, whose family lives in Mexico, has worked hard to support himself and take accountability during high school, overcoming odds to graduate. He also serves others through his job at Spectrum Health Blodgett Hospital...
Senior Evan Grahs in the high school computer control room

Leaving a Lasting Legacy

Sparta High School senior credited with multiple advances in school’s technology programming...


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Explore the unique programs and activities area cultural groups offer to extend student learning – in and beyond the classroom. For teachers (and more) all in one place!

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  • Art Prize
  • Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
  • Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum
  • Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
  • Grand Rapids Public Library
  • Grand Rapids Public Museum
  • John Ball Zoo
  • Kent District Library
  • Van Andel Institute
  • Music and Dance

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‘So many doors have opened’

With the aid of Kent ISD’s Project NorthStar, a new father made a choice that led him to not only graduate, but to do so early...


Superintendents face massive budget cuts that would dwarf those in Great Recession

Superintendents are calling for more revenue from the state and federal government as they address budget shortfalls expected to be far worse than experienced in the recession over a decade ago...

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Learning Despite a Crisis

School News Network will continue reporting on how districts, teachers and families are helping students learn outside the school walls, as well as sharing stories on classrooms and student activities that were in process before the statewide school closure. We want to serve our schools and you, our readers, during such a difficult time, so please send us your ideas for stories and questions you have. Thank you, and live safely!

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