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Beatboxer busts growth mindset rhymes

“(Blake) demonstrated what can be accomplished with a positive, growth-mindset attitude and plenty of perseverance,” said Principal Sean McLaughlin

Switching to specialty classes boosts teaching energy

A move by veteran fourth-grade teachers from the classroom to specialty fields changed the Appleview atmosphere

Actions speak louder than words

Our lack of concern for children begins far earlier than their exposure to gunfire by individuals who can legally obtain assault weapons in virtually every jurisdiction within the U.S.

‘He took the reins, and we moved forward’

Michael Shibler is in his 50th year in education, including 29 as superintendent of Rockford Public Schools. But in a profession not known for longevity, Shibler shows no signs of slowing down

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Donation sparks program that helps students get counseling

The program’s name, “Bridging the Gap,” comes from the decision to use the funds to help families pay for amounts not covered by insurance

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