Mason Lund and Mason Lettinga rode to school on this John Deere 7810

TK Honors Farming Heritage in Homecoming

by Linda Odette  

Grabbing your books and driving a tractor to school isn’t the typical way to go to school, but it wasDerek Plant was one of the students at Thornapple Kellog High School who celebrated Farmer’s Day by driving his Challenger  tractor to school during homecoming week at Thornapple Kellogg High School. With a school district that covers more than 125 square miles, it’s no surprise Farmer’s Day was one of homecoming week’s themes in October.

Jacob Brummel rode in with his friend Derek Plant on a Challenger tractorJacob Brummel hopped a ride with his friend Derek Plants on Plant’s 7810 John Deere. ‘It’s not every day you get to take a tractor for a 10-mile drive and hold up traffic and take as much space in the parking lot as you can,” Brummel said.

The biggest reason for doing it: It’s fun.

The half-dozen tractors that showed up this year was down from the normal 10 or 12 the school usually sees for the tradition that’s about 10 years old.

It was the first year Mason Lettinga, a junior, did it, and he liked seeing fellow student’s reactions.Tractors line up in the parking lot at Thornapple High School

As the students started their tractors, the loud noise made it hard to hear, but it was possible to hear a yell came from the student parking lot. “Hey, don’t hit any mailboxes”


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Submitted on: December 6th 2013

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