From left, second grader Grace Geldersma, second grader Madison Thompson, third grader Claire Snyder and first grader Mattie Kerwin were selected by the Michigan Art Education Association for the Region 9 exhibit at the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Kindergartner Leland Howen's piece was also selected. Maddie and Leland's works were recognized as the top 75 in the state.

Kent City Elementary Artists Selected for Association Show

by Erin Albanese  

Kent City Elementary School art teacher Sara Goodrich likes to quote a legendary Spanish painter. “I really believe ‘every child is an artist,’ just like Pablo Picasso said,” she explained, as her classroom of kindergartners painted big flowers with vivid colors.      

Goodrich, who began teaching at Kent City Community Schools in the fall, has motivated her students to create pieces with all kinds of mediums from crayons to clay to jewelry. Five students created pieces recently selected for the Michigan Art Education Association Region 9 art show:                                  Kent City Elementary School kindergartner Blake Klimek focus on his painting

                •  second grader Madison Thompson

                •  kindergartner Leland Howen

                •  first-grader Mattie Kerwin

                •  second grader Grace Geldersma

                •  third grader Claire Snyder

Mattie’s and Leland’s work were selected for the state competition and recognized in the top 75.          

Goodrich, who carries on the 26-year tradition of former art teacher Mary Clare Christiansen,

said she incorporates video, tutorials, three-dimensional pieces and lots of other creative ideas into her classroom.

“Kids like to make something they can hold in their hands,” said Goodrich, a Western Michigan

University graduate who previously taught art at Muskegon Public Schools.         

Fourth-grade students Michael Tanis, Eli Senkowski and Janine DuBridge stopped into the classroom to independently work on self-portraits.  Michael said Goodrich shows them proper techniques. “She teaches us step by step,” he said.Artwork is stacked to dry in the Kent City Elementary School art room

Submitted on: July 3rd 2013

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