Infomercial makers included (clockwise from top left) Kelly Kroll, Ella Dougherty, Karsten Kirkendall, Conner Meyers and Marlie Fowler

Muy Creativo!

Infomercials Plug Products, Polish Spanish Skills

by Morgan Jarema  

It can all be traced to Conner Meyers’ delicate complexion.

“He burns so easily,” explained classmate Kelly Kroll. “He even got sunburned when we were making the video.”

The video Kelly was referring to was one of a handful created by Spanish teacher Sarah Ellis’ third-year students, who worked in groups to create 2-to-4-minute infomercials on products of their own invention.

Here are the other student videos:

In Kelly and Conner’s group, it was the imaginary product called La Pasta De Guerrera De Sol -- or Sun Warrior's Paste -- both untinted and in colors such as blue and red. They and three others pitched, danced, hammed and showed off their Spanish prowess around Kelly’s backyard and at downtown locations, including beside the showboat and along Main Street.

The videos followed a detailed rubric that included requirements such as students showing or explaining how the product worked, why it is useful, how someone can buy it and customer testimonials. Videos also were to incorporate grammatical structures and vocabulary the class is reviewing. Students were graded on their written script, pronunciation, grammar and creativity, among other items.

“It’s definitely a lot more fun to make a video than to practice (the language) out of a book,” Kelly said.

Submitted on: May 19th 2017

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