• Officers stand for the recognition
  • Principal Nate Robrahn talks about what it means to be an Alpha Wolf 11
  • Wyoming High School honored City of Wyoming Police and Fire Department personnel at its Alpha Wolf 11 ceremony

Police, Fire Join Alpha Wolf 11 Honorees

by Erin Albanese  

High school students and staff recently honored 38 City of Wyoming Police and Fire Department personnel as Champions of Character.

Each semester, Wyoming High School staff members and administrators name six students as Alpha Wolf 11 champions, "supreme pack leaders," who are kind, compassionate and gracious to one another.

"We felt they represented true and heroic Champions of Character that our students would be able to see in a different light," said U.S. History teacher John Doyle, who helped start the Alpha Wolf 11 program last school year.

Six students were honored as Alpha Wolf 11 Champions of Character"We felt it was important to honor our very own community police and fire members by acknowledging their achievements, their courage, their dedication, and to say thank you for their willingness to provide all of us a safe community to live, work and attend school."

Students honored with the award were Avalon Dexter, Issac Sutton, Noelle Keen, Sinai Salvador, Ansleigh Hamilton and Pedro Perez Lopez.

Alpha Wolf 11 is modeled after Grandville High School's "Ryan Fischer Be an 11" program, named after student and hockey player Ryan Fischer, who died of a heart condition 2014.


Inaugural Alpha Wolf 11 Ceremony


Submitted on: February 28th 2017

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