Perfect Scores – Twice – for EGR Student

Scoring perfect on the ACT wasn’t just beginner’s luck for Sam Forstner. He did it twice.

The East Grand Rapids junior first achieved a composite score of 36 on the standardized test college admission last October, “to get a head start,” he said. He thought he’d do well, but wasn’t expecting perfect. “I was definitely surprised,” he said.

He took the test again this spring during the state-mandated testing period to contribute to the overall average score for the school. “I wanted to try my best because it helps the school. That’s the only reason I ended up taking it again,” he said.

According to the ACT profile report of Michigan, the average 2012 score nationally was 21.1 and 20.1 in Michigan. Forty five students received perfect composite scores from Michigan. Only 0.04 percent of students nationally who took the ACT college entrance exam received a perfect score last year. There was no data on students who twice earned a perfect score.

Sam said he used a test preparation book that instructs students on how to break down questions to figure out the best answer. Now, he’s helping other students prepare for the test in the school’s ACT Club with the “attack-and-break-down” approach.

Sam said he enjoys math, English and history, plays tennis and hockey and serves as managing editor on the student newspaper, East Vision. He is considering attending Dartmouth College, Princeton University, Brown University or University of Michigan, and is undecided about his major.

Katie Michell, EGR journalism teacher, said Sam is a great leader overall. “Sam is one of the nicest students at East,” she said. “He’s humble and hard working.” Sam, son of Jay and Julie Forstner, said his parents have always helped him by encouraging him to find answers for himself and to ask lots of questions.


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Erin Albanese
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