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Student Reports News, Boosts Spirits at Cedar Springs

Alex Hughes walks this way and that through the Cedar Springs High School student television studio, nervously collecting equipment for the biggest interview he’s done.

A well-loved history teacher, Scott Hazel, has been diagnosed with cancer. He is awaiting word from a Texas treatment center as to when he can go there. Alex is about to interview him for a story on CSTV, the students’ online news station.

“Memory cards, tripods, batteries, voice recorder,” Alex says to himself as classmates mill around the room. “I think we’re ready.”

Nearly an hour later, he walks into Hazel’s classroom with fellow student Kendra Coons, toting two cameras on tripods. Hazel looks shaken. He’s just gotten a call from a specialized cancer clinic in Houston, saying they can’t see him for two weeks.

“Are you okay with doing the interview still?” Alex asks Hazel, a trim, friendly man who also coaches soccer.