Science Comes Alive with Community Engineers, Programmers, Experts

From the science behind a beautiful smile, to forces of flight and how liquid nitrogen works, Kentwood Public Schools elementary students got see, hear, touch and taste science at work recently, thanks to community partnerships.

Students learn the difference between a physical and chemical change

The district recently hosted three Science (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Nights at Brookwood, Discovery and Southwood schools.

Grand Valley State University representatives helped by supplying the resources from their Regional Math and Science Center. 

Engineers, programmers, professors and other experts came together to lead hands-on stations, immersing students in learning with activities from many areas of science.

Partners included representatives from Kent Career Tech Center’s Aviation Program and West Michigan Aviation Academy, who taught about the forces of flight; Swan Orthodontics, on the science of straightening teeth. Western Michigan University Core Kids brought rock and mineral samples and taught about fossils and fossil fuels. The Geek Group demonstrated 3D printers and physics lessons involving electricity.

A Southwood student takes a very close look at geology

Other guests were from Michigan State University Science Theatre and the East Kentwood High School Robotics Club and Reptile Club.

Crestwood Middle School teacher Wendi Vogel shows how chemistry is explosive, loud and fun

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