Students Leave Their Mark Through Artwork

Wyoming High School senior Lordia DiPiazza has left her signature, and it’s in the form of a smiling face looking toward the future.

Lordia, an accomplished artist, created a mural in the high-school hallway.

It’s a painting of a girl. The lines on her eyelashes spell “learn, create, excel and imagine” and “We are the Wolves” is written across her forehead. Administrators requested Lordia create the piece.

She said she’s happy to leave it as a gift, and reminder of the artistic talents she developed at school.

Senior Lordia DePiazza, an advanced art student, works on a commissioned art piece

“It’s a great way to show who I was in high school,” said the advanced art student.

Lordia was the only level-five art student at the high school, having taken art every year since eighth grade.

“She’s super motivated to teach herself things. She has become this go-to person when somebody needs something artistic,” said art teacher Robyn Gransow-Higley.

Lordia is in the Wyoming Middle College, and begins her fifth year as a Wyoming High School student next fall. Middle College students are enrolled in Wyoming and Grand Rapids Community College, and graduate after five years with both their associate’s degree and high school diploma. The fifth year is spent on the GRCC campus.

Lordia said she hopes to pursue a career in film, art or business.

Other Wyoming art students are also shining with big accomplishments this year. Lordia, senior Heidi Glynn, and junior Jose Lopez recently created keepsake portraits for The Memory Project, and initiative in which art students create portraits for children and teens around the world who have been neglected, orphaned, or disadvantaged.

Seniors Lordia DePiazza and Heidi Glynn created portraits of children in Ghana for them to have as keepsakes

The portraits give the children, many who have few possessions, something to cherish. They will be delivered to Ghana.

“It’s a confidence booster for the children,” Glynn said. “They can show it aroundand say, “It’s me and it’s beautiful.”

Senior Shawna Mullennix has also created a high-profile piece. Her large acrylic painting, “When I Went Fishing with My Dad” will be on display during the City of Wyoming’s Art Cruise in August, when businesses showcase art created by community artists.

Erin Albanese
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