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Constitution Day Kindles Respect for Rights for All

Hands immediately shot up when attorney Tom Behm asked the fifth-graders at Gerald R. Ford Academic Center the year the U.S. Constitution was signed.

The students lobbed a battery of years.

Amiya Michens found the idea of running for president inspiring

2003? 1996? 1960?

“1787 is when our Constitution was drafted,” Behm told the astonished group of students during the recent recognition of Constitution Day that it was 200-plus years ago.


“It’s one of the most important legal documents we have,” Behm added.

Thanks to a series of amendments to the Constitution, the rights of all the nation’s citizens regardless or race or gender have been guaranteed, Behm said, making it possible for the students of today to become the senators, representatives and presidents of tomorrow.

“I like that he talked about there was a time women couldn’t vote but today we can run for president,” fifth-grader Amiya Michens said. “And that inspired me.”

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