‘I Can Be Anything I Want’

Fifth-graders Reynaldo Christopher, Julian Flores, Kevin Groendyke, Khloe Groendyke and Mecada Davis point out their tiles

Godfrey Elementary students’ musings about what it means to be an American are on display on a mixed-media mural of a flag in the lower level of Lee High School.

“Freedom.” “Peace.” “Kindness.” “Family for Life.” “Independence.” “Hard work pays off.” “God bless America” and “I love the U.S.A with all my heart” are messages on individual tiles that blend to create an image of the American flag.

Words and pictures decorate the 312 tiles on the mural, created by students and teachers and assembled by the organization I Pledge USA, founded by ArtPrize artist Rip Maclay of Milwaukee.

Godfrey-Lee students find their tiles in the assemblage of pieces
Godfrey-Lee students find their tiles in the assemblage of pieces

After seeing a similar piece during a field trip with students at the annual Grand Rapids competition, social worker Lisa VandeWaa wanted students to make their own customized piece. The company provided the tiles for students to decorate, and VandeWaa sent them back to be assembled, framed and sealed.

In art teacher Rosanne Steffens’ classes, students considered “What’s important to you about living here?” she recalled. They thought about their country, state and community in designing their tiles.

“I thought it would be so cool to see what the community means to them,” VandeWaa said. The district is majority Hispanic and low-income, and includes many new immigrants, so they have perspectives she wants others to see.

Students adorned their squares of work with historic figures like Abraham Lincoln, pictures of their homes, peace signs and and images depicting their dreams.

“I want to be a soccer player when I grow up,” said fifth-grader Julian Flores. “I can be anything I want because I live here.”


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