Odyssey into a land of duct-taped students and super glue

Yes, Odyssey of the Mind is about creativity, problem solving, lifelong learning skills and caring, but it also is about fun. The proof is in this team photo of Thornapple Kellogg Page Elementary teammates, left to right, Alex Szukala, Erik Cove, Evan Chinavare, Treyson Rounds, Lukas Walters (hidden), Michael Sager-Wissner and Oliver Lietz

If you had stepped into Thornapple Middle School on March 17, you would have entered a land of duct-taped students, hats made of milk jugs, hair in every color imaginable and enough super glue to hold down the roof of the school. But none of this fazed the students and parents gathered inside because they were there for the Michigan State Odyssey of the Mind finals and that’s what Odyssey of the Mind competitions look like.

Elementary, middle and high school students from around the state competed in the daylong event at three Thornapple Kellogg school buildings. Students spend weeks, and even months, preparing for the contest where they use their imagination and brain power to create performance skits fitting various themes. Fun and goofiness ruled much of the time. Here are some of those weird and wonderful sights.

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Linda Odette
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