Olympic-style reading events push students to go for the gold

Fourth-grader Eddie Threats looks for a book

Forget a pentathlon or decathlon; Southeast Kelloggsville Elementary School students completed up to 20 events for the “Read for the Gold!” March is Reading Month theme.

Fourth-grader Airyanna Garicia checks out a book with literary specialist Janna Schneider

With the focus on reading at home, fourth- and fifth-graders tallied up points toward bronze, silver and gold stickers for:

  • reading books from different genres;
  • reading to family members;
  • getting a library card;
  • asking people about their favorite books;
  • researching authors;
  • accomplishing other tasks tied to reading.

For medaling, they received prize packages including books, journals, pencils, crafts and other items from Scholastic, said literacy specialist Janna Schneider.

Students also celebrated the month’s Olympics theme by creating flags for their classrooms and receiving their medal stickers during a final ceremony.

“I read for four hours!” said fourth-grader Maraeshia Walker as she picked out a free book.

Students also had the chance to earn a coupon for every 20 minutes they read to earn free books, gave book talks and made bookmarks tied to reading and the Olympics.

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