Former rule-breaker, current relationship-builder

Meet Your Principal: Bradley Tarrance

Bradley Tarrance with wife, Lindsay and children Christina, 5, and Maxwell, 1

Bradley Tarrance is the new principal at Godwin Heights Middle School. SNN gets to know him in this edition of Meet Your Principal.

Other positions you have held in education: Principal, KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program charter school), San Antonio, Texas; ELA teacher, KIPP; teacher, Flint Community Schools; teacher, Cumberland County Schools, Fayetteville, North Carolina; basketball coach, KIPP

Bradley Tarrance

How about jobs outside education? Manager of Buffalo Wild Wings

Spouse/children: Lindsay, married nine years; daughter, Christina, 5; son, Maxwell, 1

Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, reading

What kind of kid were you in middle school? I enjoyed being active and connecting with kids of all different backgrounds. I got good grades, but broke the rules many times while in school (only got caught half the time).

The biggest lesson you have learned from students is… Relationships are everything. Respecting our children first and leveraging their strengths can go a long way. Children have a great BS meter, so be yourself.

If I could go back to school I would go to grade… 8, so I could learn U.S. history again in a way that mattered

If you walked into your new school building to theme music every day, what would the song be? “Take a Minute” by K’Naan

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Bridie Bereza
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  1. That’s our Son … we are proud of the man and educator he has become through his years in this field! We have witnessed his ambition and strength with his students first hand . He has a way with children yet he gets respect as he gives respect!


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