College makes extra effort to get students enrolled

From left, Madelene Romero, a recent graduate from Godwin Heights High School, and Sabrina Juarez,a recent graduate from Northview High School, enjoy a laugh with Evie Bernard and Wardell Sykes, both GRCC grads and volunteers with InterVarsity Campus Ministry

GRCC’s approach: Sometimes it takes that extra push.

In an effort to get all prospective students enrolled and ready for class this semester, community college staff used a two-fold approach: outreach and a one-stop event for students to get connected to all sorts of services.

Autumn Castillo, a recent graduate of Zeeland East High School, spins the wheel for a prize, while Ahnna Swanson, who works with the Campus Activities team, looks on

Enrollment team members over the past few weeks called, texted and emailed hundreds of people who had shown interest in enrolling to help them complete the process and be ready for the fall semester, which began Aug. 27. They also hosted “Service Saturday” the weekend before school started, for students to stop in and register in the Enrollment Center at Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall.

“It’s a great day to be at GRCC,” said interim provost Tina Hoxie. “It’s always good to remind students we are here to support them and provide the resources they need to be successful.”

Some students have last-minute tasks to complete, and once they do, they feel confident and motivated, she said.  “(This is) the opportunity to get that last bit of business done and ensure a great start.”

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