A chain reaction of creativity

Theresa Phan cuts tape to use on her marble run

Makenna Ciccarelli, Ashley Taylor, Evelyn Heemstra and Alexis Cook had a plan: their marble run would end with a glittery celebration.

“At the end, the marble is going to hit the golf ball and the golf ball is going to hit this cup and confetti is going to come out,” explained Makenna.

The third graders at Brown Elementary got to work. Using paper towel rolls, tape, crafty decorations, tiny cups and other items, they began to devise a route leading up to the dramatic finale they envisioned.

In STEM class, teacher Sheri Newenhouse is all about handing students the tools for a project, giving them a challenge and letting them run– or, like a marble, roll–with it. Third graders made marble runs with the objective of having their marbles go through a chain reaction. The project is part of the school’s Makers Month devoted to student creations.

Fourth graders made arcades, and second graders worked on board games. Before the mandated statewide school closure, students’ inventions were to be showcased in April during an “Arts in Our School” event.

Newenhouse stresses the need for trial and error and collaboration as students work like young engineers in her class. “One of the biggest challenges for them is working together,” she said as students worked in groups.

Jayden Smith agreed, as he and his group planned an obstacle-filled marble run. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” he said.

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Erin Albanese
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