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‘Goofy’ jokester and sports lover newest addition to Kelloggsville administration

Meet Your Administrator: James Gentile

KelloggsvilleJames Gentile is the new Kelloggsville High School dean of students. SNN gets to know him in this edition of Meet the Administrator.

Other positions you have held in education:

  • High school special education teacher, Mount Pleasant High School, Mount Pleasant Public Schools

Throughout Gentile’s teaching career, there’s one lesson his students taught him which he carries into everything he does, even now in his first administrative position working in education: “the energy you give is the energy you will receive.”

Gentile’s entry into education came after being a teacher’s aide in a special education classroom.

“That is where I fell in love with that population. I spent a lot of time with those students and volunteering for the Special Olympics,” he said.  

Education is still on his agenda: Gentile will complete a master’s in Educational Leadership from Grand Valley State University later this year. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Education from Central Michigan University. 

Family: Outside of school, Gentile spends time with Kelly, his wife of two years. The couple’s golden retriever, Benson, loves being walked, too.

Hobbies/interests: He loves playing golf and ice hockey in his spare time. Additionally, Gentile loves cooking, reading, and being with friends in his spare time. 

What kind of kid were you at the age of your students? “I was and am still to this day goofy. I was always joking around and laughing with my friends about hypothetical scenarios and ridiculous jokes. … I was all about sports. In high school, I played football and lacrosse. It consumed most of my time and I absolutely loved it.”

If you could go back to school, which grade would you return to, and why? “11th grade, (because of) varsity sports. You still had some time in high school but you were old enough to be considered an upperclassman and understood how things worked. Ultimately, you still had your whole life ahead of you.”

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Sean Bradley
Sean Bradley
Sean Bradley is a DeWitt native who has worked as a news reporter in several cities in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula. He moved to Grand Rapids in March 2022 to be closer to the entertainment scene including live music and comedy. After graduating in 2014 with a bachelor's degree in journalism from Central Michigan University, he started his writing career at the Manistee News Advocate, covering city government and law enforcement. He later moved onto The Morning Sun in Alma, and in 2018, went to the Livingston Daily Press and Argus. At these newspapers, he covered school boards and got to know superintendents and staff, learning the ins and outs of education reporting. He is excited to be reporting on Kelloggsville Public Schools for School News Network.


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