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State of the Arts

‘Holy hot course, Batman!’

Students at Wyoming High School dig into graphic novels as a way to scratch their itch for good stories combined with eye-catching art...

‘She will fill your bucket if you are empty’

This art teacher provides a solid skill base, then encourages her students to infuse their work with elements of their own lives. And she shares her own, which she says creates a safe space for them to reflect...

Students express selves through words, drawings, and their own hands

Susan Langford’s studio art students made old-fashioned casts of their hands. They posed them to convey one or more concepts, then added their own drawing and words. The results were profound...

She chose music over medicine, and her students are glad she did

Wendy Tenney Tenney is one of 10 Michigan educators who were named as 2018-19 Regional Teachers of the Year...

Drama’s back, and students are ready to act

After five years without a program and, now, with a renovated auditorium, a stockpile of props pulled from storage and two enthusiastic new hires, Kelloggsville High School theater has been resurrected...

Haunting photo of ‘classy’ young woman takes top prize in Congressional competition

Nick Ensing’s photo “Classy,” taken of his good friend Mariah Jennings, was named grand prize winner and will hang in the U.S. Capitol for a year

Director takes joy in teaching student musicians, ‘to see what they can do and where they go’

Band director Greg Wells grew up as part of Northview’s proud tradition, in a family of music educators, and feels honored to carry it on

Student mural takes learning out to the hall

When the the art class moved into new semester, students who preferred painting to other media took to decorating the hallways

Students Leave a Legacy to Last, in Clay

By making hundreds of clay tiles utilizing form, line, shape and texture, high school students unleashed their creativity in creating a hallway mural

Students Play a Happy Tune with Symphony Pros

The three strings musicians who visited Pine Island Elementary this week didn't have to do a whole song and dance to hold the attention...

Portraying History Through Art

Freshman Daniel Zawodny can tell you about a courtyard confrontation between artistic rivals Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. And while freshman Brock Sweezie admits he’s...

At Home on the Range

"Zinga, zinga, zinga, zoo." "Higher ... now higher ... still higher," said vocal teacher Linda Tata. The boys repeated the melodic phrase in higher and higher...

Necessity, Not Luxury

Art teacher Amber Warren sees the difference in students who have had experience in art and those who haven't. The latter have little faith...

Giving Voice to Children

Most elementary students have never attended an opera. Coit Creative Arts Academy fourth- and fifth-grade students have created, produced and performed one. The project, done...

The Play’s the Thing; So’s the Writing

A lengthy short story from the mind of Eliot King comes to life onstage in a powerful pantomime by Marissa Schutter and Donovan Fletcher....

Art Walk Homage to Award-winning Artists

At Century Park Learning Center, a riot of color swirling like a Chihuly tangle of glass sprouted all over the school. The inspiration for...
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