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Myths and fables, modernized in skits, videos and puppets

Goddesses of avocados and Starbucks, we bow before your wonderfulness
Members of the Cedar Springs Division II Odyssey of the Mind team are, from left, parent coach Traci Slager, seventh-grader Aiden Lake, sixth-graders Annalise Elliott, Brielle Sarniak, Nate Slager and Coryn Wiles, eighth-grader Jade Yowtz, and long-term coach Michelle Wiles

Mind Sports Roundup

School News Network will be running roundups of events including Odyssey of the Mind, Science Olympiad, MathCounts and robotics

East GR’s Jack Lado takes the title at Spelling Bee with “bollo”

For nearly 15 minutes, totaling 18 rounds, Jack Lado and Aashray Mandala matched each other, word for word, until Aashray slipped and Jack won the 41st annual Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee

Wyoming, EGR and TK superintendents announce retirements

Tom Reeder, superintendent of Wyoming Public Schools, and Sara Shubel, superintendent of East Grand Rapids Public Schools, announced their retirements last week, after Tom Enslen of Thornapple Kellogg announced his last month

Underground railroad module turns fourth-graders into historians

All 75 fourth-graders at the school are participating in an online social studies simulation. It is a partnership with the University of Michigan called Imagination Matters
“He’s very energetic,” said student Evelyn Griffin. “He makes learning fun”

‘The Classroom is Why I Wake Up in the Morning’

Eighth-grader Aaron Souter touched an iPad screen to maneuver a sphero along a stairwell floor, while classmate Ryan Reszka constructed an obstacle course of ramps for the plastic robot to jump. The coding skills students need to pull off the...

All Rise and Make Your Case

Hallea Michell strode into social studies teacher Susan McCaffrey’s classroom and approached a podium with a miniature White House on top and the presidential seal affixed to the front. “All rise!” she bellowed as she banged a gavel. It was...
Teacher cadet Tomer Adnegeko at recess at Breton Downs Elementary with a group of enthusiastic admirers

Teacher Cadet Feels ‘Super Legit’

Tomer Adnegeko admits he used to think teaching at the elementary level would be way easier than middle and high school.

Gone in Six Seconds

The golf balls that Bill Trapp's students launched over a third-story railing could be the basis for future engineering or science innovations. More than 50 students, mostly seniors, in Trapp's advanced projects in physics and engineering class worked in pairs...

Gotta Know the Territory

Middle School’s First-ever Musical a Classic

These Third-graders are Pure Michigan

Third-graders at Wealthy Elementary spend all year studying the Mitten State they call home, and it turns out some are already pretty Michigan-savvy. "I've been to Petoskey, I've been to Boyne Mountain, I've been to South Haven, Mackinac Bridge ...,"...

Concert Honors ‘Passionate but Humble’ Journalist and Musician

Jagienka Timek, Drew Johnston and Anneke Avery admit that before high school, they really had no idea who Daniel Pearl was. The trio of seniors have attended since elementary school the concert held annually to honor him. But when they...

Learning Is In the Eye of the Bee-holder

A group of middle schoolers clustered around a two-sided honeybee observation hive and delivered a rapid-fire commentary on what they were seeing. Inside the colony, thousands of bees went about their business: The queen was, presumably, laying eggs or preparing...

Banging on Rocks Shapes Global Learners

Sixth-grader Sam Williams used firm, deliberate pressure with a deer antler to try to chip flakes off a sedimentary rock, called chert. She was using a skill right out of the Old Stone Age, though she acknowledged it was...

Spelling Skills Take Off with Student-created Website

Josh Pullen says he wasn’t exactly a fan of spelling practice and weekly quizzes when he was in elementary school. He muddled through, sure. But when his father told him he didn’t think his third-grade students were enjoying it...

Spartan, Hip-Hopper, Champion for Students

School: Lakeside Elementary Other positions you have held in education: I taught elementary Spanish for one year, spent five years in elementary classrooms, and was a principal at Saginaw Township Community Schools for the previous two years. How about jobs outside...