• Kaylie Earls, left, and Maddyson DeWitt pitch their bookmarks and bracelets, respectively, to customer Kate McDonald
  • Cole Schulz painted and sold Minion rocks, and classmate Brady Smith had to have two of those bad boys
  • Fifth-grader Connor Wood is sold on third-grader Natalie McCume’s homemade lip scrub
  • Claire Newell made an elaborate display for her $1 googly-eyed “dock rocks”: rocks on a model dock, on towels, a sailboat and an inflatable raft

Commerce Sense for a Good Cause

by Morgan Jarema  

Brady Smith took one look at classmate Cole Schulz's Minion rocks and decided he had to have not one but two of the animated yellow gibberers immortalized on stone. Sure, Brady could grab a couple rocks out of the woods and make his own, but "I don't have any paint," he pointed out.

And boom; Cole had created a market and a satisfied customer -- as well as a profit. He was one of more than 70 Murray Lake Elementary third-graders who put their commerce sense to work during the school's Market Day.

Lana Heinzelman tie-dyed two dozen T-shirts to sell at the third-grade marketThe annual event is the culmination of teachers Diane Titche and Sue Wilterink's economics unit. Titche said third-graders also studied Junior Achievement's fourth-grade curriculum as part of the unit.

"They really learn what it takes to run a business and be entrepreneurs: about producers and consumers, profit and loss, and all the resources needed to make and sell things," TItche said. "And they learn and remember a lot more by doing this than just reading about it in books."

And it was for a good cause. Sellers earned $2,018 to be divided between Kids' Food Basket and the Lowell Pink Arrow Project, efforts they selected to support.

Posters for three of the more than 70 items for sale at this year’s third-grade market

One student sold homemade smooshy stress balls; this was her sales poster in the hallway outside the gymnasium-slash-market

Submitted on: May 5th 2017

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