• Students and parents browse the showcase of artwork
  • Art hangs all over the walls at Godwin Heights High School

District Talent on Full Display at Art Show

by Erin Albanese  

The work of K-12 artists created a huge collage of talent on display recently during the District-wide Art Show.

Many mediums were showcased, and high school artists worked on pieces while parents and students watched.

Editor's Note: State of the Arts: Learning's Overlooked Ally is a continuing series of School News Network

North Godwin Elementary School second-grader Mily Duran and Wyoming Intermediate School fifth-grader Leyla Cruz become part of the art

Senior April Martinez gets up close to her work

Senior Vanessa Flores works on and displays an array of clay pieces

Godwin Heights High School Senior Yaneli Fragosa works on an acrylic painting

Senior Valerie Zamora paints a clay jewelry box she created

Submitted on: February 24th 2017

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