• Madelyn Eitel jumped rope to raise money for the American Heart Association at Lee Elementary
  • Madi Bell concentrates
  • Saige Clous’ curls jumped right along with her
  • PE teacher JoAnne Desy has organized the event for more than 20 years

Little Jumpers Raise Big Bucks for Heart Health

by Linda Odette  

Lee Elementary is known to Thornapple Kellogg students as "the school where you get to do Jump Rope for Heart." It's a crazy, loud, happy time where second- and third-graders jump rope in the gym all day while parents and family members watch.

More than $27,000 was raised for the American Heart Association by this year's event. Classrooms rotate throughout the day, with each doing an hour of jumping. Physical education teacher JoAnne Desy has directed the event since it started more than 20 years ago.

Emma Webber gets in the jumping zone

The sign says it all -- Lee Elementary is usually the school that raises the most in the state

Submitted on: February 16th 2017

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