• Anya Gummadavelly listens to facts about Costa Rica
  • Teacher Rosana Cortes Lewis, holding a Latino Barbie doll that is dressed like her, talks to a student about Chile
  • You can’t have authentic Latin food without peppers ...
  • … or hot and mild sauces


by Linda Odette  

Lots of learning, fun and great Latin food filled Ada Vista Elementary at the inaugural Fiesta Latina, organized by the Spanish immersion school's Cultural Arts committee and the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan. Students and their families were given "passports," which were stamped at various booths representing 10 Spanish-speaking countries.

Tamales, enchiladas, cornbread pancakes -- and, of course, green peppers and hot sauce -- were some of the dishes that drew lines. A balladeer, pinatas, an art show and colorful outfits made it a maravilloso evening.

Flags and people in line for food filled the gym

Isabella Moeller dressed up for the special night Georgia Wright holds up the globe she got for filling all her passport pages Sullivan Waalkes gets into intense learning about Latin countries

Gabriel Estrada III serenaded fiesta-goers with a beautiful and booming voice

Getting passports stamped was part of the the event organized by the school’s Cultural Arts committee and the Hispanic Center of Grand Rapids

Submitted on: May 23rd 2017

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