• Ellen Sidebotham is clearly a cheerful graduate
  • Bridget Webb gives a big, happy hand slap

Today’s Graduates Meet Tomorrow’s Rock Stars

by Linda Odette  

Graduates parading down the halls of elementary and middle schools in their district has become a tradition at some schools, and Thornapple Kellogg High School did it for the first time this year. Teachers saw former students, graduates stepped back into former elementary schools the first time since they'd left them, and younger students honored the grads with claps, high-fives and fist bumps.

"They loved it, they felt like rock stars," said high school Principal Tony Petersen.

Because all district school buildings are close together, grads were able to march the halls in all of them -- McFall, Page and Lee elementary schools; and the middle school.

"Congrats! You used to be this size!" one teacher told the grads as they passed.

Sure it’s about the walk, but it’s also about finding the right shoes! And you’ll find all sorts at graduation, from the black gladiator pumps worn by Abbi Tolan (left) to the tan gladiators worn by Aylin Aguiar (center)  to the …. oops, the bare feet of Alexus Moore, whose sandals broke!

Ike Possett greets future graduates

Submitted on: June 6th 2017

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