From left, Rylee Nichols, Gwen Hoke and Tory Labron paint their tree house

Tree Houses Can Too Have Alligators and Fireplaces

Students Design Imaginary Treetop Dwellings

by Morgan Jarema  

Marshall VanWagoner has a tree house at home, but said the similarities are few between it and the one he recently made in art class.

"Mine (at home) has 2-by-4s holding it up and I literally painted the floor of that one black too," pointed out the Murray Lake Elementary fifth-grader. "But it doesn't have a fireplace or a bathroom, and you can't park cars in it."

Faith VanDuinen paints Keagan Fitch’s palm so she can add a print to the roof of their tree house. Not pictured is partner Taylor RaschAs part of their unit on space and form, art teacher Nicole Bosco had just two requirements for her assignment to construct a dream tree house: that it be elevated and that it be constructed using cardboard boxes. The details were limited only by her students' imaginations.

Sam Stevens and Victor Preis made one with a helipad, a satellite station and "a pet alligator to protect everything," Sam explained.

Emma Bruwer and Ellery Ostrander's had cathedral ceilings, a loft and a second-floor fireplace they "patented" so nobody else could copy their design.

"They really like it because they get to be creative and to play while they're learning," Bosco said.

Marshall VanWagoner, left, and Lincoln Homolka cut out a window on the second floor of their three-story tree house

Fifth-graders (from left) Sam Albert, Ali Bredwell and Nolan Lowrie in front of their tree houses. Sam and Ali’s has a clubhouse theme, while Nolan’s is an ode to Bruce Wayne manor

Emma Bruwer, left, and Ellery Ostrander show off their tree house with its “patented” fireplace design

Submitted on: May 26th 2017

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