• Sixth-grader Dahlea Abdoo works with kindergartner Kimberly Caballero
  • North Godwin kindergartner Karmello Sparks holds up a Christmas card for his mother
  • Presents wait for excited students, thanks to Dutton Christian School
  • Dutton Christian sixth-grader Lilly Harkema helps kindergartner Jace Reed
  • Max Miller shows the ornament he made for his parents

In This Community, Elves are Everywhere

by Erin Albanese  

With presents in tow for 26 North Godwin Elementary School kindergartners, Dutton Christian School sixth-graders helped the younger students make gift bags and cards for their parents.

"This is the best day ever, because we are making presents for our parents," said excited kindergartner Abul Anyar.

Dutton students Dahlea Abdoo, Chloe Koster, Lilly Harkema and Anna Haverdink were taking part in their school's annual "Give This Christmas Away," community-service project.

Julianett Vazquez works on her reindeer gift bagEach year students break into groups to visit North Godwin and many other locations, where they present gifts and spend time with others. An anonymous donor provides $100 for gifts for people at each site, a total of 28 locations this year, said Wendy Vostad, sister-in-law to North Godwin teacher Holly Vostad.

Along with the crafts, sixth-graders read stories to students.

Holly Vostad said her kindergartners love the extra attention from people who care about them. "They just light up," she said.

Anna said she enjoyed her time at North Godwin. "I want to be a kindergarten teacher and I love to hang out with little kids," she said. "I like Christmas a lot and it's fun to help other kids have a good Christmas, too."

Dutton students arrive with gifts and helping hands each school year

Submitted on: December 22nd 2017

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