• The band is show-ready for the start of a new school year (photos courtesy of Wyoming Public Schools)
  • Wyoming High School cheerleaders greeted staff members at the door of Grand Rapids First Church
  • Gladiola Elementary Principal David Lyon, Oriole Park Elementary Principal Jennifer Slanger, and district accountant Jodi Goff are ready to start the year

First Day Festival

by Erin Albanese  

The entire staff of educators started the school year with a morning of celebration last Monday at Grand Rapids First Church, in Wyoming.

The fanfare included greetings from Wyoming High School cheerleaders, and a mini-concert from the marching band, which played the fight song, national anthem and a song selection from its fall showcase.

Administrators outlined the vision and mission statement for the year around the motto, "Better Together."

The marching band welcomes staff

The staff stands together as a new school year gets under way

Submitted on: August 25th 2017

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