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The Snow…er, Show Must Go On

Rehearsals at Sparta High School for the recent production of “The Diary of Anne Frank” have been challenging. On top of the difficult subject matter, the cast and crew have had to contend with unprecedented amounts of early November snow.  Despite these obstacles, the show had gone on. 

“The journey through rehearsals has sometimes been difficult and emotional,” said Director Jane Marolf.  “The the actors try to understand, and then portray, how a thirteen-year-old girl could maintain hope and a positive attitude in spite of such a horrible situation.”Bri Fredrickson, Stage Manager

Marolf say this was selected for production because “We felt like Anne Frank’s message of hope amidst great adversity is so relevant to today’s world events.”  The play has been adapted by Wendy Kesselman to be more relevant to a modern audience.  


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