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My Super Heroes

by Bodie Bickford, Center for Economicology, grand prize

Heroes and role models use their gifts to help make the world a better place. They put the needs of others in front of their own needs and look for ways to help others. Heroes are courageous and brave. They do not run away from danger but instead they run towards it if they think someone is in need. Heroes are kind and nice and they never make people feel bad about needing help. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a great example of someone who is both a hero and a role model. He used his gifts to make the world a more fair and just place for all people and he was brave because he knew that not everyone agreed with his ideas and that he could die. My parents are not as famous as Dr. King but they are heroes and role models for my brothers and me.

Winners of the 2015 MLK Essay Contest

A record 327 essays were entered for the 10th annual Warner Norcross & Judd LLP Martin Luther King Jr. essay contest earlier this year. School News Network is publishing the three winning submissions selected.

The winners were:

Each winning student will receive a certificate of deposit and a gift card to Schuler Books and Music. Additionally, 22 students from five schools received honorable mention recognition. They each will receive a gift card to Schuler Books and Music.

The essays were judged by more than 50 Warner Norcross attorneys and staff according to Michigan Education Assessment Program guidelines for narrative writing. The essays were evaluated for ideas, organization, style and conventions.

There are many different kinds of heroes in this world. Some heroes risk their lives to help others like soldiers, firefighters and policemen. They have to run into burning buildings or chase after terrorists and criminals with weapons to make the world a safer place. Others are heroes because they provide things to others that make the world a better place even if they could make more money doing something else. Teachers, scientists and doctors are this kind of hero. Other people can be heroes in the moment. These are people who see something bad happening and they make a quick decision to do what they can to help. An example of this would be that if someone saw a person getting their purse stolen and they decide to chase after them to catch them or get the purse back just because it is the right thing to do. Another example of this is if someone is getting bullied at school and instead of ignoring it, the person tries to stop it or goes to get a teacher.

My Mom and Dad are a different kind of hero. They are what I call “everyday heroes.” They do not look like super heroes and they do not fight crime. My parents do what they can each day to help the lives of those around them better. They do this for me and my brothers but they also do it for my friends, our neighbors and people they don’t even know.

My parents are selfless. They spend all of their time coaching and running my brothers and me to our practices and games. They help out at school with baking, field trips and meetings. They teach Sunday school, do laundry and mow the lawn. They help me focus on my homework and they check my math. My parents always encourage me to do my best and they never give up on me even when I let myself down by not trying my hardest. If I let goals score in soccer that they know I could stop, they just talk through what I could do better and then they help me focus on the next chance I have to do my best. They do this with school too.

My parents never walk away from someone who is in need. At school when my Mom helps out on a field trip, she will give away her own lunch if someone forgets theirs even though she is a vegetarian. On a field trip to Rockford Dam my Mom took off her own long underwear and socks for a kid whose waders leaked so they would not be cold even though my Mom is always cold. My Dad always volunteers to coach or keep the book in baseball even though he would probably rather relax and watch the game. If someone on the team is sad about striking out or dropping a fly ball, my Dad will scoot over by them and cheer them up.

Being an everyday hero may not seem like much to you but it sure makes a big impact on me and I think on other people too. My parents make me want to be the very best person that I can be. When I get frustrated about my club feet and feel sorry for myself, I reflect back on how important it is to give my very best without excuses and just get up and try my hardest. I know that my parents won’t be upset if I don’t win as long as I tried my best. When I get mad at my parents for making me do much extra work I reflect on how my parents never do anything so so. This goes for everything from homemade brownies to cleaning the garage. It makes me want to give my best effort too.

When I am scared about failing at something like a test or a game I think about how courageous my parents are in facing whatever challenges come their way and I know if I give my best, they will be proud of me. That means I did not fail. When I get nervous about having more casts and surgeries on my feet I think about how brave my parents are and I remember how much they love me and how they work so hard to get me the best care in the world and then I just know I can face it.

When I watch my parents work so hard every day to the best people they can be, I know itis how I want to be. I see the impact they have on me, my brothers and everyone around us and I want to use my life to have impact like that. I want to be brave enough to the best son, brother, friend, soccer player, student, basketball player, neighbor, baseball player, athlete and one day husband, father and employee that I can be. I want to be just like my parents, my “every day heroes.”

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