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Roguewood Runners Raise Funds and Win Pumpkins

Editor’s note: A 5K “Pumpkin Run” recently was held at Rockford’s Roguewood Elementary to raise money for the parent-teacher organization. Roguewood fifth-graders Reagan Zainea, Morgan Pelak, Sophia Nelson, Corbin Herrington and Kylie Frost filed this report.

Roguewood’s first annual 5K Pumpkin Run was held on Oct. 15 with around 640 participants. The Pumpkin Run helps raise money for the PTO so we can do fun events like after-school activities, Donuts with Dad, Mornings with Mom, and field trips for each grade.

Each student is sent home with an envelope to collect donations from friends and family. The route we take is Roguewood’s borderline neighborhood, Evergreen Meadows.

The reason it is called the Pumpkin Run is because the the top five boys and top five girls receive a pumpkin. Also, everyone who participates gets a little keychain with a pumpkin charm and a T-shirt.

Students can choose to go at whichever pace they prefer. The kindergarteners through second-graders run around the soccer field for 20 minutes, then cheer the third-, fourth- and fifth-graders on. Lots of students enjoy this run because it is fun and not a race — although some students like to run as fast as they can to be ranked in the top five of their gender.

Lastly, it is not only to raise money, but to hold a fun run to stay healthy and for the students of Roguewood Elementary to stay fit and active!


Roguewood Elementary School

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