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Create your own exhibit or journal outdoors with help from Zoo, Museum

Editor’s note: The second in a series on learning resources provided by local cultural organizations.

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John Ball Zoo is a proud sponsor of SNN
John Ball Zoo is a proud sponsor of SNN

John Ball Zoo

Although the physical zoo is temporarily closed, students can still “visit” through Zoo Insider, a virtual learning experience of so much the zoo has to offer. Such as:  

Nature is amazing!  

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In this Zoo Insider we are back with Tahlia talking about journaling and exploring nature from the ground. Our first journaling Zoo Insider found Tahlia up in a tree. This time she talks about journaling and exploring from a ground perspective. From unique insects and fungi under a tree stump to a feather in a tree, you never know what discoveries await you when exploring nature. Learn more about observation and perspective (and nature of course!) by watching this Zoo Insider.

Red panda visit

In this Zoo Insider, we are visiting the red pandas Wyatt and Wasabi. Just like you, the red pandas prefer to rest for much of the day, but we have compiled some of their funny video highlights from the last year for you to enjoy. 

Do you love Red Pandas? Become a Red Panda Ranger by visiting the Red Panda Network – and “climb” the mountain levels outlined on the Ranger Program form. It’s free, educational, and FUN!   

The zoo supported the Red Panda Network with funding to help with reforestation of 10+ acres of red panda habitat and helping prevent forest loss. 

Cool, not creepy!!! 

In this Zoo Insider we meet some of the newest residents at John Ball Zoo, the Giant Cave Cockroaches! These cool, not creepy insects originate from South America and help our ecosystem. 

You can also learn more by going to the zoo’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. 

Grand Rapids Public Museum is a proud sponsor of SNN
Grand Rapids Public Museum is a proud sponsor of SNN

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Virtual Discovery Kits 

  • To help augment lessons and keep kids learning and engaged with content, the GRPM is creating new digital content on a routine basis during this time. The Museum will be highlighting unique historical artifacts and scientific specimens that provide concrete connections and examples of topics at local, national and global levels.  Explore with Virtual Discovery Kits today. Here’s how! 
  • All ages
  • Science, Social Studies, History, Culture, Creative Arts

Create Your Own GRPM Collection

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