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Welcome to Study Hall, a podcast about education magic

Editor’s note: Study Hall, a podcast from School News Network, highlights the students, teachers and others making education magic happen every day in classrooms across Kent County and beyond. We dive into the challenges and changes of K-12 education, opening a window into our public schools to provide a glimpse of the little miracles of learning that happen there. Featuring a rotating cast of guests from all 20 school districts in Kent ISD, Study Hall will introduce you to amazing students, dynamite teachers and brainy education experts.

Episode One: School News Network, 10 years in
Where did we come from, and why? Founding Editor Allison Kaufman and Managing Editor Erin Albanese talk about how and why our uniquely cool publication was formed, what our laser-guided mission is and how our team of go-getter reporters goes about covering 20 school districts.

Join our rotating cast of journalists, school leaders, teachers and students to explore what’s happening in school districts across Kent County and beyond. We dive into the issues, challenges and changes related to public education, and highlight the fabulous teachers and brilliant, creative students who make our schools such exciting places to learn.

You can download the podcast by clicking on the embed above, or listen to it right here on the SNN page. You can also subscribe to the podcast through the RSS feed here or find the podcast on many of your favorite streaming platforms!

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