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Inspired by Taylor Swift, she wants to be on stage

Your Dream is Our Dream: Gabby Farrell

Fourth-grader Gabby Farrell and music teacher Diana Hall improvise a tune together on the piano

Caledonia — Fourth-grader Gabby Farrell loves music. She sings, writes songs and is learning to play the piano. 

Gabby said she draws her musical inspiration from her favorite singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift.

“I’ve loved listening to Taylor Swift since I was really little,” she said. “There is a video of me dancing to ‘Shake it Off’ in the kitchen.” 

We sat down at the piano with Gabby and her music teacher from Emmons Lake Elementary, Diana Hall, to hear her play and discuss her dreams of becoming a professional singer. 

What is your dream? “I want to be the next Taylor Swift … Instead of singing in the shower, I want to be on stage.

“I want to be the most famous singer in the world, travel the world and tour. I would like to perform a show in London or Paris, with all the cool landmarks there.” 

Fourth-grader Gabby Farrell, left, dreams of becoming a famous singer, thanks to encouragement from Emmons Lake music teacher Diana Hall, right

Why is this your dream? “(Taylor Swift) has always inspired me to make music, so I want to inspire people.

“Sometimes it’s hard because Taylor Swift is the only Taylor Swift in the world. There is a low chance, but I could still become a singer. There might be a 1% chance I could do that, but she took that chance and now everyone knows her name.”

How are school and your teachers helping you pursue your dream? “My music teacher, Ms. Hall, inspires me to sing in class and write songs. Right now, I’m learning to play the piano and I dance and I’m writing songs, since piano and dance are really involved with music.” 

Hall spoke enthusiastically of Gabby’s talents: “In music class she sings with a clear, beautiful voice, does great with our rhythm work and is rocking the recorder … I can’t wait to hear her first album,” the teacher said. “Gabby is the kind of kid who makes a difference in the world around her. … She is very capable of doing whatever she sets her mind on.” 

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Alexis Stark
Alexis Stark
Alexis Stark is a reporter covering Byron Center, Caledonia, Godfrey-Lee, Kenowa Hills and Thornapple Kellogg. She grew up in metro Detroit and her journalism journey brought her west to Grand Rapids via Michigan State University where she covered features and campus news for The State News. She also co-authored three 100-question guides to increase understanding and awareness of various human identities, through the MSU School of Journalism. Following graduation, she worked as a beat reporter for The Ann Arbor News, covering stories on education, community, prison arts and poetry, before finding her calling in education reporting and landing at SNN. Alexis is also the author of a poetry chapbook, “Learning to Sleep in the Middle of the Bed.”


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