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Tom Rademacher

Tom Rademacher was long-time reporter and columnist for The Grand Rapids Press, where he specialized in wringing the extraordinary from the seeming ordinary.

Dean Transportation: It’s all about the kids

Dean Transportation, which carries some 80,000 students to and from school in Michigan, operates on a philosophy of caring for each one of them under the leadership of Kellie Dean, a former special-education teacher...

Nick Minnema – special and driven, for all the right reasons

The Forest Hills Transition Center student and athlete competed this month at the Special Olympics World Games half a world away – in the United Arab Emirates’ capital city of Abu Dhabi, as well as the UAE’s largest city, Dubai...

Ryan Colburn, MacGyver of the vet world

Ryan Colburn is the only full-time veterinarian at the John Ball Zoo, and the man behind the scenes who makes sure that some 1,500 animals are physically fit for your viewing pleasure...

Dedicated educator retiring after 44-year career, during which “I knew ‘em all”

When the school bells ring and they throw open the doors at Northview Public Schools this coming autumn, it’s likely Dan Duba, principal at Crossroads Middle School, will be elsewhere. For the first time in 44 years...

Stop, Look and Here’s Some Love

When Kattie Eason first stepped onto a Wealthy Street SE corner to serve as a school crossing guard at Henry Elementary School – now Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Academy -- she was 21 years old.