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Making Math Add Up

A series on the difficulties students have learning math, and what methods some schools and teachers are using with success.

New Technology Helps Kindergartners with Math

Lakeside Elementary kindergartner Charlotte Kanaan stood beside teacher Shannon Mitchell and worked through a math problem, which her classmates could see thanks to a document camera that beamed her actions through an overhead projector. Today’s lesson: 11s and 12s,...

Club Subtracts Fear from Math

Diamond Sparkman softly counts aloud as she measures the sides of a polygon displayed on a computer screen, trying to determine its area. “Seven times seven is 49,” she says, writing the equation on paper. Then she’s stuck. “Miss Kanoza,...

Classroom energy + student enthusiasm = math success

Four years ago, Cedar View fifth grade teachers Jennifer Kahler and Erin Cairy switched the traditional teaching style of explaining math concepts and helping students as they worked individually to what they call "Collaborative Math." Fifth grader Colten Schreiner knows...