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EGR Superintendent Says Lawmakers Operating on Misconceptions

For Sara Shubel, the Michigan Legislature’s defunding of the Common Core Curriculum Standards is frustrating on two levels. As superintendent of East Grand Rapids Public...

Teachers Spend Summer Learning to Innovate

It may have been summer break, but issues on the minds of East Grand Rapids teachers were technology, collaboration and keeping on track with...

2013 Graduate Beat the Odds – Again

Thomas Komor has literally been overcoming obstacles and beating the odds since birth. Born 16 weeks premature on Aug. 29, 1994, and weighing just 1...

Author Greg Tang Teaches Students Through Skype

Author Greg Tang virtually helped Lakeside Elementary School third-graders’ tally up numbers in exciting ways during a recent Skype session. Seventy students in three classes...

First-Day Buddies

Lakeside Elementary School kindergartner Tyler Blake tried to pull his backpack out of his locker. It wouldn’t budge. “It’s stuck,” he told fifth-grader Ted Campbell,...

Happy To Be Back

When Principal Linda Kehm says “Lakeside Elementary” in front of her students, the response is automatic: “Where kindness counts!” comes the chorus of voices. The first...
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