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Camping for credits? It’s a thing

The year-long pilot class offered to freshmen at Eastern High combines honors biology or biology with health and physical education requirements into a two-hour block...

It’s all happening at the zoo

Nearly 200 Central Woodlands ⅚ students worked in teams to research and develop plans for what they saw as an ideal renovated otter exhibit at John Ball Zoo...

Students help refugee peers adjust to life, schools in the U.S.

Students from a handful of area high schools are making an impact at two West Michigan organizations tasked with helping refugee students and their families succeed...

For Gerald R. Ford student essay winners, courage begins at home

More than 900 students submitted writings on the theme of courage for the annual Gerald R. Ford Presidential Foundation annual essay challenge...

Coming from struggle, Somali student wants to ‘change someone’s life’

A Forest Hills Northern High School graduate born in war-torn Somalia plans to leverage the opportunities he has been given in this country to help children and families adjust to the U.S. and its culture...

Compassion in verse, art and service

The poetry activity was part of a larger collaboration to help students explore the concept of empathy

Student lawmakers for a day debate real bills, including uniforms, fuel tax and speed...

Government day is an experience-based approach to learning about basic government skills, specifically how a bill becomes a law. The entire day is completed through role play

Students’ fairy tale figures live wax-ily ever after

More than 100 Knapp Forest Elementary second-graders became “frozen” wax characters who occupied displays in the school’s classrooms and hallways to recite stories they had written

Students march for their lives: ‘If others aren’t going to do it, I think...

Six teenage organizers from Forest Hills and Grand Rapids led a crowd of thousands in the March for Our Lives at Rosa Parks Circle

Personal finance class looks closely at personal values

Business teacher Brian Johnson’s students are taking an in-depth look at money this semester. As part of that, they are examining how they view money so far

Students take action, lend voices to honor Florida school victims and plead for violence...

The number 17 served as a marker not only for moments of silence in honor of those killed, but for students’ thoughts on how to make schools safer and kinder

Statewide aquatic robotics competition tests students’ engineering skills

A competition Saturday on the east side of the state will give Forest Hills students a chance to show off their marine robotics skills

Teachers help teachers take it to the next level at Van Andel Education Institute

Mastermind is a group of West Michigan teachers, principals, social workers and other educators who have met monthly at Van Andel Education Institute this school year, working together to overcome challenges common to many of them
Bridget Bennett’s fourth-graders use the “fishbowl” style of problem-solving to figure out how to fit a million dollar bills into a box. Students are from left: Aubrey Sieler, Sam Bauchan, Fiona Overdevest and Mady Scarlato

Restorative practices shifts to academics

More and more schools are using restorative practices as a proactive way to handle behavior. At Ada Elementary, teachers have started to use them when teaching content

Magical Creatures Via Design Thinking

As his classmates glued, cut, pasted and painted around him, Ada Vista Elementary fourth-grader Marcus Benard quietly alternated different colors of permanent markers to create what he had dubbed "Blacktron." "He's like a space alien robot that has a green...

A Shadower’s-eye View of Job Shadow Day

One cannot simply learn from a classroom or a computer the insights and experiences that reside in a workforce, beyond the education bubble and removed from the nurtured opinions with which parents heavily equip their kids. I have no...

I regret taking normal for granted

A Forest Hills Central High journalism student shares her thoughts. We invite students and staff in our coverage area to submit theirs to SNN@Kentisd.org...

If I have to be standardized, so do they

Forest Hills Central High School Senior Reena Mathews reflects on her experience as a student taking standardized tests...