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Grandparent Volunteers Help Students Grow and Learn

The outside world knows them as Barb Fellows-Krauss and Dale Krauss.  But inside the walls of West Godwin Elementary, they are Grandma Barb and...

Community-wide Program Seeks 1,100 Mentors for 4 Wyoming Districts

One hour. Once a week. For one year. That’s the commitment it would take to make a difference in the life of one of Wyoming’s...

Students Pace Themselves at the Learning Center

Andy Cruz, 17, of Grand Rapids, knows perfectly well how his first year in high school set him behind schedule to graduate. "I took...

West Godwin Grandpa, Watch DOGS, Create Popular Presence

“Mr. Soto, Mr. Soto, me too!  Me too! I love underdogs!” calls a West Godwin Elementary third grader as a patient Able Soto pushes...

Intervention Helps Put a Stop to Freshman Course Failures

Tough love, personalized instruction and clear expectations. That’s been the recipe for success at Godwin Heights High School since administrators implemented an intervention program that...

Keeping Middle School Parents Involved

Knowing how their 7th grader Mia Farr, 13, is doing in school is important to Joshua and Latisha Whitley.  Learning how they can support...
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