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Officer looks out for students’ safety, shares life skills, lends a caring ear

Officer Todd Summerhays’ main role is to ensure safety by securing buildings, monitoring surveillance videos and responding quickly and appropriately to anything amiss...

Michigan’s NAEP Scores: What do they mean? Probably not what you think

32 Percent of Michigan’s 4th Graders Score at 7th Grade Level on the NAEP. Did you miss that headline last week?  I did too. That’s because it wasn’t reported.  Instead, Michigan’s schools and students were slammed by pundits because just 32...

At these schools, students’ hearts and minds are both nurtured

Endeavor and Challenger elementary schools are both recipients of the Capturing Kids’ Hearts National Showcase Schools Award

New approach lifts struggling students’ math scores

Thanks to streamlined coaching, students are filling in gaps in their basic skills so they can move forward in math

Statewide reading decline: how some high-poverty schools buck the trend

Principals in Wyoming and Grand Rapids identified how to use data to improve instruction, build teacher leaders and zero in on reading instruction practices

Refugee author tells students, ‘It is the story of your community’

Sandra Uwiringiyimana’s story of fleeing conflict and leaving her country behind resonated with students who read and discussed her book, “How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child.”

Trip to March for Our Lives in D.C. motivates students to ‘make the change’...

City High School’s Caleb Hekman was one of a group of 42 local students who went to the national March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C.

Students march for their lives: ‘If others aren’t going to do it, I think...

Six teenage organizers from Forest Hills and Grand Rapids led a crowd of thousands in the March for Our Lives at Rosa Parks Circle

Superintendent: It’s a Tough Job

There may be no tougher job than that of a school superintendent. I’ve worked with nearly 100 in Kent ISD alone over the past two decades. All were smart, caring and compassionate people. All were subject to withering criticism

Students take action, lend voices to honor Florida school victims and plead for violence...

The number 17 served as a marker not only for moments of silence in honor of those killed, but for students’ thoughts on how to make schools safer and kinder

‘They’re right. We are just a bunch of kids. But we’ve also been the...

Students at City High/Middle School joined others demonstrating across America Wednesday, a month after the massacre that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida

Donation sparks program that helps students get counseling

The program’s name, “Bridging the Gap,” comes from the decision to use the funds to help families pay for amounts not covered by insurance
Jeffrey Larsen, Lowell High School AP literature teacher, would rather be armed with school supplies

Local educators on school shootings: ‘Arming teachers is not the answer’

Kent County teachers and principals agree more must be done to stop mass school shootings, but say arming teachers is not the answer. More resources for mental health counselors and stricter firearms requirements are needed to keep students safe, they say

Can teachers be trained to handle guns in crisis? Not likely, police vets say

Former Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Larry Johnson knows the lightning-quick thinking and split-second actions required to handle an active-shooter situation

Actions speak louder than words

Our lack of concern for children begins far earlier than their exposure to gunfire by individuals who can legally obtain assault weapons in virtually every jurisdiction within the U.S.
Northview school resource officer Deputy Andy Kozal stands in the security vestibule of Northview High School, one of many Kent County schools that have poured millions into security upgrades (SNN file photo)

Superintendents Respond to Yet Another Mass Shooting

In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in a Florida high school, School News Network asked local superintendents what their schools have done to protect against the possibility of a mass shooting; and what else needs to be done to reduce the incidence of such horrific violence