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Students march for their lives: ‘If others aren’t going to do it, I think...

Six teenage organizers from Forest Hills and Grand Rapids led a crowd of thousands in the March for Our Lives at Rosa Parks Circle

Superintendent: It’s a Tough Job

There may be no tougher job than that of a school superintendent. I’ve worked with nearly 100 in Kent ISD alone over the past two decades. All were smart, caring and compassionate people. All were subject to withering criticism

Students take action, lend voices to honor Florida school victims and plead for violence...

The number 17 served as a marker not only for moments of silence in honor of those killed, but for students’ thoughts on how to make schools safer and kinder

‘They’re right. We are just a bunch of kids. But we’ve also been the...

Students at City High/Middle School joined others demonstrating across America Wednesday, a month after the massacre that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida

Donation sparks program that helps students get counseling

The program’s name, “Bridging the Gap,” comes from the decision to use the funds to help families pay for amounts not covered by insurance
Jeffrey Larsen, Lowell High School AP literature teacher, would rather be armed with school supplies

Local educators on school shootings: ‘Arming teachers is not the answer’

Kent County teachers and principals agree more must be done to stop mass school shootings, but say arming teachers is not the answer. More resources for mental health counselors and stricter firearms requirements are needed to keep students safe, they say

Can teachers be trained to handle guns in crisis? Not likely, police vets say

Former Grand Rapids Police Sgt. Larry Johnson knows the lightning-quick thinking and split-second actions required to handle an active-shooter situation

Actions speak louder than words

Our lack of concern for children begins far earlier than their exposure to gunfire by individuals who can legally obtain assault weapons in virtually every jurisdiction within the U.S.
Northview school resource officer Deputy Andy Kozal stands in the security vestibule of Northview High School, one of many Kent County schools that have poured millions into security upgrades (SNN file photo)

Superintendents Respond to Yet Another Mass Shooting

In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in a Florida high school, School News Network asked local superintendents what their schools have done to protect against the possibility of a mass shooting; and what else needs to be done to reduce the incidence of such horrific violence
Katee Aubil, speech language pathologist, reads a book about anxiety as part of Social Thinking, with a little help from kindergartner Drake VanLente

Students Go for the Green in Social Learning

It's easy being green. But blue, yellow and red? That's another matter. Special education students are learning to express how they feel and to identify others' emotions through a curriculum that helps develop social skills. High school junior Heather Arney...

Signing for Children Opens ‘Window to Information’

Early on a Monday morning, Kari Chapin’s kindergartners sit on the floor as she leads them through lively exercises -- singing the days of the week, counting the date with pennies -- then announces they’ll soon have their 100th...

One Size Just Does Not Fit All

Nobody needs to tell a parent every child is different. All bring different gifts to the party, and no two are alike in their interests, their physical and mental development, their aptitude and abilities. Our state pounds the same square peg...
Seventeen Kentwood Public Schools elementary students made up the first iLEAD cohort

‘If I Can Do it, You Can Do It’

Dressed in red, resemblant of flaming hot sauce, Bowen Elementary fifth-grader Yoe Shi Yar played David Tran, a Vietnamese immigrant who founded Huy Fong Foods, Inc. "I was born in 1945 in Soc Trang, Vietnam. I am 72 years old....

Statewide Study Shows True Cost of Educating a Child

What’s the actual annual baseline cost of educating a student to proficiency in Michigan? At minimum, nearly $2,000 more than we’re spending now, according to a newly released study that exhaustively examines school funding in Michigan. The current state funding...
Columbine mass-shooting survivor Austin Eubanks spoke at a Rockford High School forum on opioid addiction last fall

Foundation Commits $90k to Teen Mental Health

With problems of teen anxiety, depression and suicide on the rise, the Rockford Education Foundation decided it was time to step up its efforts to address the worrisome trend. The result: a $30,000 grant for each of three school years...

Thank You

I'd like to take the promise of this holiday season to thank all who work with children, with adolescents and young adults to help them become the men and women who will someday lead our community and our country. There...