From left, parent Heather Lunt, SNN reporter Charles Honey, Rockford students Annika Severson and Jared Walejewski, Jason Lheureux from Wedgwood Christian Services, and WOTV's Maranda

Taking on a Tough Topic: Severe Stress in Students

by Maranda  

So many things in life can cause stress, including for teens and young people. School News Network reporter Charles Honey sees this first-hand. He writes about schools in the Kent County Intermediate School District and witnesses issues facing students in school.

Honey says he hears a lot about stress, academic pressures, and stress about college. He says school counselors are spending more and more time with students for emotional and social problems, even referring them to professionals and hospitals.

Editor's note: "Hidden Pain: Bringing Youth Mental Health out of the Shadows" is a continuing series of School News Network

A Forest Hills area parent decided to tackle the issue head on. Heather Lunt and a group of parents noticed a rise of anxiety and stress in students. They talked with counselors and mental health staff in the schools in the district and decided they needed to put something into action. They formed Triple A, which stands for Acceptance, Awareness, and Advocacy for mental health. Its goal is to educate parents about mental health support, education, and supporting one another to talk about these topics. More SNN/Maranda Collaborations 

Submitted on: April 11th 2016

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