Comstock Park Celebrates School Breakfast

Stoney Creek Elementary School first-grader Dominic Estudillo took a drink of his strawberry smoothie and smiled. “It’s delicious!” he said.

Dominic and his classmates got to taste-test the nutrition-packed treat after watching a presentation by Stoney Creek Dean of Students Jason Rykse on how to make a healthy fruit-and-yogurt smoothie.Stoney Creek Elementary School parent Tracy Slack helps mix a smoothie recipe

Rykse suggested tweaking the recipe at home. “I guarantee if you put a little spinach in your smoothie you won’t even taste it,” he said.

It was one of several activities focused on healthy eating and physical activity planned for National School Breakfast Week at Stoney Creek, the district’s K-2 school, and Pine Island Elementary for third- through fifth-graders. Students started their mornings with yoga, walking the halls and a breakfast picnic, plus entered a breakfast poster contest.

Sponsored by the School Nutrition Association, National School Breakfast Week educates students, parents and communities about the benefits of a healthy breakfast.

Stoney Creek registered nurse Tina Rodriguez, the event’s organizer, said she wanted to promote eating breakfast at school or home and encourage a non-sedentary lifestyle. She also evaluated food choices and school menus to ensure they are as healthy as possible. It was the first initiative of new coordinated school heath teams.

Students enjoy strawberry smoothies“The teams look at ways of promoting good health and wellness in the school setting with the ultimate goal of making students the most successful they can be in school,” Rodriguez said.

While students polished off their smoothies, Rykse said he wanted to show students they can make healthy snacks and meals at home, adding, “They can quickly do this in the morning.”


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