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Engage students in a project from the Van Andel Institute

Editor’s note: The third in a series on learning resources provided by local cultural organizations.

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If you’re a teacher nearing the end of this unusual school year and seeking a project to generate some student engagement, the Van Andel Institute has a resource for you, right “from the headlines.”

Designed specifically for teachers to use, this includes a complete online unit on germs and how they spread, and items to help elementary-middle school students understand the pandemic.

While obviously science-focused, there are many cross-curriculum ties as well. This resource is intended for teachers to use virtually with their students:

Virtual PBL Project: Prevent the Spread

Located on blueappleteacher.org, a project-based learning program.

  • Prevent the Spread is a free virtual PBL unit which gives teachers everything they need to conduct their lesson remotely. The unit includes an instructional slideshow and several online features to help students understand the current pandemic. It also includes a teacher guide that provides support with leading students in not only understanding how germs spread, but also in empowering them to make a difference by creating their own public service announcements!
  • Designed for Grades 3-8
  • Cross-curricular with science focus but includes suggested content connections for math, science, English language arts, social studies, and social/emotional learning.
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