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‘What Makes You Proud of America’

Dylan’s LeClaire’s award-winning essay

America has always been built on a set of very special beliefs. I am very proud of the country that started out trying to make a difference in the world. Our country started out trying to make a haven for all, where everybody is equal, where everybody is respected, and where everybody has rights to help them achieve their dreams.

America was built on the foundation that everybody was equal. Although we have gone through many rough times and debates, we are getting closer to a dream that no other country has come close to. We have fought for our dreams, we have run the race diligently, and we are striving to make even a better society for future generations of Americans.

I am proud of America because of our history. We have fought the toughest battles when the rest of the world thought we would lose. We have stopped some of the biggest enemies. I am proud for our persistence towards gaining our freedom, our democracy, our rights. Even if we do not agree on everything, we have prevailed to become a great country that is worth being proud of.

America has been really something to show off since it started. We have strived to become a better country through the years. We will always have problems, but so will everybody else. People may disagree, but we will always strive for the best for Americans and others. That is why I am proud of America.

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